The Face of Cassia

Illustrating Resilience

If you were to draw a picture of resiliency, what would it look like? Apple Valley Village Life Enrichment Aide Joshua Scheerz was surprised and captivated when a talented resident shared her ideas.

“We are part of the Move Forward Performance-based Incentive Payments (PIPP) grant program with the Minnesota Department of Human Services,” Josh explains. “We coordinate resiliency workshops for staff and skilled nursing residents. When we began the program, we posted signs about resiliency, just to help spur thinking on this topic.”

A Beautiful and Personal Point of View

Recently, an exceptionally talented artist named Juanita moved to the Apple Valley Village care center. The resiliency message really spoke to her. Not long after arriving, Juanita pulled Josh aside and showed him one of the illustrations she had done on her tablet. ‘The signs you have up around the building got me thinking about resiliency, and so I drew this,” she said.

“Juanita’s work is so beautiful and personal, and we are so grateful she wants to share her gifts,” Josh adds. When she asked if she could help make signs to spread the message, Josh immediately said yes!

Joshua meets with Juanita regularly to share his thoughts on the themes and visuals—and Juanita is now actively engaged in creating resilience artwork for Apple Valley Village.

Sense of Purpose and Community Integral to Older Adults’

“Giving seniors a feeling of purpose and community is an integral part of therapeutic activities,” Josh says. “It’s wonderful when we can help align someone’s talents and strengths to give them a well-deserved feeling of contribution and belonging.”

“Juanita’s work has already touched many of the staff here. In fact, several have even asked for copies to keep in their workspaces. We are blessed to have her and her talents with us as we spread the message of resiliency,” Josh says.

Thank you to all those who give to Apple Valley Village to foster fullness of life!